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Engineering new tools for a new age in multidisciplary engineering


Necessity is, once again, the mother of invention

Knowing there had to be a better way to calculate and generate power distribution deliverables for electrical engineering projects, Fice Design Vice President James Khalil set to work building a comprehensive system for generating electrical data with simplicity of use and extensibilty as its core goals.

The Result: Power Calc PaK®, a patented electrical engineering design program which automates electrical engineering calculations for the buildings’ design industry. by applying the standards of the National Electric Code (NEC) and other widely used electrical construction standards. This program is extremely cost effective by reducing the design required manpower, eliminates costly errors and improves the coordination between the different disciplines. In total, this technology reduces design time by as much as 40% and results in reducing design fees as well.

Power Calc PaK™ is smart software with a proprietary database. Just 3 inputs (load kVA, load type, and # of poles) = over 300 NEC outputs.That’s over 7,000,000 equations for the entire power distribution system in a building from the branch circuit to the electrical service... for any size building, and for multiple buildings like a campus.

With Power Calc Pak calculations are automatic, changes are instant upstream/downstream and all panelboards are generated simultaneously not one at a time. To learn more please visit: http://powercalcpak.com/Software.aspx#productimages