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Put our experience working across a wide range of sectors and service areas to work for you

Mechanical Engineering

We engineer high performance component designs that can readily be scaled into manufacture. Our team is experienced and versed in design techniques and manufacturing processes.

Electrical Engineering

We provide full electrical solutions including the design of switchboard and switchgear, motor control centres, control consoles and bespoke electrical components.

Plumbing Design

The systems Fice Design engineers design and install are modern sustainable systems, incorporating progressive renewable technologies.

Structural Engineering

We possess a vast wealth of experience in all aspects of Structural Engineering consultancy across all building sectors, utilizing all forms of construction materials and processes.

Civil Engineering

We provide full service on civil engineering projects from initial concept through detailed design and construction to completion and commissioning.

value-Added Services

Fire Protection, Peer Review and Life Cycle Cost Analysis, LEED– Green and Sustainable. Design, 40 Year Old Building Safety Inspection, Short Circuit and Selective Coordination Studies and Expert Witness